For those patients with flat ridges, denture stability is no longer a challenge. This denture utilizes a series of tiny suction cups made from a soft silicone rubber that gently adheres to the oral tissue without irritation. The SuctionCup Denture is effective with maxillary and mandible restorations, and any existing dentures can be easily converted into a SuctionCup.

*Inserting a Suction Cup Denture: When inserting a Suction Cup Denture adhesion might not take place immediately. This is typical and not due to a malfunction. Allow patient to take home their Suction Cup Denture to give time for the suction cups to embed itself into the tissue. This will require your patient to repeatedly bite down softly with dentures in mouth until suction cups have become fully activated.

  • Bite Block: 2 days

  • Set Up for Try-In: 3 days

  • Finish from Try-In: 3 days