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Premium Denture:

Our Premium Dentures are crafted using a high impact heat cured acrylic, allowing for a precise and comfortable fit. Each denture fabricated is handcrafted to fit your patients needs.






Suction Cup Denture:

For those patients with flat ridges, denture stability is no longer a challenge. This denture utilizes a series of tiny suction cups made from a soft silicone rubber that gently adheres to the oral tissue without irritation. The SuctionCup Denture is effective with maxillary and mandible restorations, and any existing dentures can be easily converted into a SuctionCup.

*Inserting a Suction Cup Denture: When inserting a Suction Cup Denture adhesion might not take place immediately. This is typical and not due to a malfunction. Allow patient to take home their Suction Cup Denture to give time for the suction cups to embed itself into the tissue. This will require your patient to repeatedly bite down softly with dentures in mouth until suction cups have become fully activated.



Totally Natural Denture:

Life-like, two-tone acrylic dentures that virtually disappear in the mouth leaving the patient with a gorgeous smile. We use a biocompatible acrylic that creates a strong, durable and lightweight denture. The unique properties of the Totally Natural Denture material allow it to be fabricated much thinner than conventional dentures. This gives a stronger feeling of confidence with each smile.





ThermoDent Denture:

ThermoDent Dentures are made from a polyamide microcrystalline that is melted down and injected to form perfectly to your patients’ palate. ThermoDent aims to revolutionize how dentures are both made and worn on a day to day basis. With ThermoDent, we are able to create a denture that will have the same opaque qualities of acrylic, but eliminate their imperfections. Unlike acrylic, ThermoDent is monomer and acrylic free which eliminates irritation, allergic reactions, and discomfort to your patient. Since ThermoDent is virtually unbreakable you are able to make a lighter, thinner, and stronger denture then any acrylic could ever accomplish.



TCS Flexible Partials: Flexibility meets Functionality


TCS Flexible:

Made from a thermoplastic nylon, TCS Flexible Partials blend in with your natural tissue leaving you confident and comfortable. Perfect for patients that prefer to have no metal yet still be able to have a functional partial.









TCS Combination:

Combining esthetics with functionality, TCS Combinations are the ideal partial for any patient. Combinations provide great ways to present patients with esthetic appeal, sturdiness and prevention of gum discomfort in the mouth.








TCS Cast Rest Combination:

For patients that want the most out of their flexible, TCS Cast Rest Combinations are the perfect choice. This partial combines a beautiful esthetic appearance with the stability of cast rests allowing it to be fully functional.







ThermoDent Partials:

Unlike your nylon based flexible partials, ThermoDent partials are made from a polyamide microcrystalline which allows them to become more ridged and less giving. This allows for a more secure partial with esthetic appearance.

ThermoDent Clear Frames (TDCF) are made using the same rigid material as our ThermoDent Full Dentures. Unlike the full dentures, TDCF’s are upgrades to the traditional metal and acrylic partials. With this we are able to create the same structure as a metal framework but without the unsightly clasps and weight as before. The saddles can either be processed with acrylic or you can process with ThermoDent Pink to create a 100% metal, acrylic, and monomer free partial!

ThermoDent Tooth Colored and Clear Clasps:

Combine the ThermoDent Rigid with our chrome framework and create the most stable and esthetic partial you can wear. The acrylic attributes that the ThermoDent Clear Frames has allows for a more stable and functional appliance than any nylon can create.

If you want to combine the best of both worlds go with our ThermoDent Tooth Colored or Clear Clasps. You will get the structure of a metal framework, but the esthetics of our tooth colored or clear clasps. The benefit of using tooth retained claps vs tissue clasps (like all pink nylon flexible companies) is that your patient won’t feel the pressure or impingement on their tissue like they would with nylons. This alleviates chair time, any patient pain or discomfort, and simplifies adjustments.

Other Partial Options


Chrome Frame with Acrylic:

Our chrome partial dentures provide strength, function, fit and comfort that your patients demand. It is made of a biocompatible (nickel and beryllium free) metal, which maintains its luster and produces an appliance that is lighter, more adjustable and more fracture resistant than other standard metals.






Elasti-Grip Partials remove stress on mobile, isolated or periodontally involved teeth. It has soft silicone gaskets that engage the undercuts of the remaining natural teeth, providing retention and sealing out foods and fluids. Elasti-Grip Partials can easily be converted into full dentures, should the need arise in the future.







Temporary Stayplate:

Stayplates are intermediate appliances and are best prescribed when doing extractions allowing the patient to heal before transitioning to a stronger more secure appliance. Each stayplate comes with two wire clasps.







Sleeping Appliances:


Myerson EMA Sleeping Device:

EMA oral appliance increases airway space by advancing the mandible using interchangeable elastic straps. EMA elastic straps come in nine different lengths and four different strengths. The shorter the ema elastic strap, the farther the mandible is advanced. 36 different straps allow for the most effective repositioning with maximum comfort.




Snore Guard:

Designed with your patient in mind, our Posca Snore Guard utilizes both the upper and lower arch by
advancing the mandible in a solid secure position. This allows for an increase in the airflow passage that will have your patient and loved ones sleeping comfortable and silent.




Night Guards:

Choose from a variety of night guards that best fits you. These night guards are measured from the lightest to the heaviest bruxism recommended devices. Soft Night Guard, Hard/Soft Night Guard, Talon Night Guard, Acrylic Night Guard, ThermoDent Night Guard.





Headache Device:

The device is fitted to your upper front teeth and provides a flat surface for your lower front teeth to rest on, which helps relax your jaw muscles. The NTI is also effective in treating nightly tooth grinding, Temporomandibular joint Disorder (TMJ Disorder or TMD), and chronic headaches.





Other Appliances:


Essix Retainer:

The Essix retainer is made of clear durable plastic, it snaps into place over your teeth. Once placed, your teeth and gums show through the plastic, making the retainers appear nearly invisible. The Essix retainer is used to maintain your orthodontic results.





Bleaching Trays:

Teeth-whitening is one of the most requested dental procedures today. Offer your patients customized, comfortable and sturdy bleaching trays.






Sports Guards:

From soccer to mixed martial arts, Hard Knocks has a sports guard to fit all your needs. Choose from a variety of colors and designs for a custom one-of-a-kind sports guard.





An accurate matching of Vita shades and stability of innovative techniques allows your patients to be confident, while their permanent restorations are being made. Tru Temps come standard from our laboratory with wire reinforcement for extra security.




Three types of iNDi Night Guards

iNDi Soft Night Guards are best for patients who just received any dental restorative work or are light bruxers. Even patients who never show symptoms of bruxing throughout the night, such as headaches or temperomandibular soreness, should consider wearing a iNDi night guard due to long term effects that soft slow bruxing can cause.






iNDi Hard night guards are for heavy duty bruxers! These are made from hi impact acrylic that can ensure your patient’s teeth are protected!







iNDi Ply night guards are the most well rounded night guard you can prescribe! After being placed under warm or hot water for about 30 seconds, these night guards become pliable making for an easy quick fit. Once the night guard cools down in the patient’s mouth, it will return to its sturdy state and ensure complete protection throughout the night. iNDi Ply’s are the best option from the lightest bruxers to heavy grinders.Colors & Designs
You can choose from 7 different colors for your custom iNDi Night Guard: Blue, Pink, Red, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange.
We also have multiple designs to choose from such as: the iNDi Signature (strip with a dot on top symbolizing the “i” in iNDi), Dots, X’s, and Hearts.