iNDi Night Guards

iNDi Brux Devices are a Posca Brothers exclusive patent pending product. These night guards were made to indicate to the patient when their bruxism device has reached its midpoint. This allows for a sufficient amount of time for the patient to return to their providing doctor and have a new one fabricated before they jeopardize grinding on their natural anatomy. There are three types of iNDi Night Guard options.

  • iNDi Soft

    iNDi Soft Night Guards are best for patients who just received any dental restorative work or are light bruxers.

    Time in Lab: 2 days

  • iNDi Hard

    iNDi Hard night guards are for heavy duty bruxers! These are made from hi impact acrylic that can ensure your patient’s teeth are protected.

    Time in Lab: 3 days

  • iNDi Ply

    iNDi Ply night guards are the most well rounded night guard you can prescribe! After being placed under warm or hot water for about 30 seconds, these night guards become pliable making for an easy quick fit. Once the night guard cools down in the patient’s mouth, it will return to its sturdy state and ensure complete protection throughout the night. iNDi Ply’s are the best option from the lightest bruxers to heavy grinders.

    Time in Lab: Start to finish: 4 Days

    iNDi Design Options:

    Indication Colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Red & Orange.

    Indication Designs: Hearts, X’s, Dots, Diamond & iNDi Strip.

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