About Posca Brothers Dental Lab

Posca Brothers Dental Lab, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has been servicing dental professionals in 29 states for over 45 years. Specializing in removable prosthetics, Posca Brothers prides itself on the techniques, materials, and ability to innovate the way dentures and removable appliances are fabricated. With three generations of family members, a team of dedicated employees, and one goal in mind; Posca Brothers Dental Lab will always thrive to ensure you and your patient go home smiling! Here at Posca Brothers we understand what it means to be a family, and we are glad to be a part of yours!

Message from the President

It is my mission that Posca Brothers Dental Lab offers dental professionals with the greatest customer satisfaction, excellent technical support, friendly customer service and outstanding quality. Many products and materials around the world claim to be FDA approved, and many labs outsource their work overseas. I assure you that Posca Brothers Dental Lab fabricates all appliances in-house, in the U.S. with only FDA approved, authentic materials. Any case manufactured with tcs® material is delivered with a certificate that includes doctor education and patient education to guarantee authenticity.
Alex Posca, President